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Developer(s) Sidney de Vries
Platforms(s)PC, Mobile
Genre(s).IO Games
Release DateMarch 09 2017

How to play

  • WASD to move your character
  • Aim: Mouse Cursor
  • Hit/Shoot/Build/Eat: Left Click or Space
  • Auto-Hit/Shoot: E
  • Lock Rotation: X
  • Food: Q
  • Chat: Enter
  • Place a Marker on the Minimap: C
  • Signal on the Minimap: R
  • Select from Inventory: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9


  • Explore a very large map with different biomes
  • Advance Combat & Farming System
  • Collect Resources to craft
  • Build Large Defensive structures
  • Weapon Classes
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Play Unblocked | A Fantasy Animal Evolution .IO Game is the newest .io game from the developer of and Sidney de Vries! Play Moomoo io and see what the fuss is all about from the .io games community. The second version of is said to release in two to three months!

Table of Contents

  1. Legend
  2. Age
  3. Weapons
  4. Structures
  5. Resources
  6. Mobs
  7. Biomes
  8. Gold Farmer Build
  9. Monster Hunter Build
  10. Mob List

The Legend of

You are a lone warrior forced to survive harsh biomes like the the scorching desert, the mysterious plains, freezing snowstorms, and rapid rivers.. Fear not! You can survive if you possess the necessary skills. These harsh biomes force you to build villages and defend yourself and your tribe if you choose to join one. Collect resources and defend youself as long as you can. Get filthly rich or die trying!

... Can you survive in

a-legend-named-bloodyangel-moomooio Age

Age is the level system in Moomoo io.

You can increase your Age by either harvesting food, chopping wood, mining stone/gold, wearing the windmill hat, building windmills, or by killing Mobs/Players.

Until Age 9, increasing your Age means you unlock different types of items including weapons shields and various other items. After Age 9 you are stuck the items you chose, however, when you die your age will be reset.

Some players choose to die intentionally so they can switch to a more hardcore pvp build, while still keeping the expensive items they bought. For the most part, most of your age will most likely be obtained by simply gathering resources or killing mobs. Weapons


Primary and Secondary Weapons are the most important items in the game.

Primary Weapons are your main source of collecting resources and participating in active combat. All Primary Weapons are of type melee.

The basic primary weapons are Hand Axe, Short Sword, Polearm, Bat, Daggers, Tool Hammer, & Stick. Each class of weapons possess different attributes such as Damage, Attack Speed, Range, etc.

Secondary Weapons possess unique abilities that players can use in addition to their active Primary Weapon.

The classes of secondary weapons are Musket, Mc. Grabby, Crowssbow, Shield, & Hammer. You will see alot of players using secondary weapons to attack you so watch out.

While you are playing, you might come across players with different colored weapons than you. That is because has tiers of weaposn depending on how much you have farmed or destroyed. The four tiers of weapons are steel, gold, diamond, and ruby. Higher tiers of weapons have higher stats, and look differently. They are a good indicator that an enemy is a worthy opponent.

Steel weaposn are just the standward weapon tier everyone in starts with Gold weapons are obtained when you gather 3,000 resources with your active weapon Diamond weapons are obtained when you gather 7,000 resources with your active weapon Ruby weapons are obtained when you gather 12,000 resources with your active weapon

If you are interested in the exact attributes of each weapon across every tier, you can visit the official wiki


Tool Hammer

  • Age 1 Starting Item
  • 25 Melee Damage
  • 0.3s Attack Speed
  • Range 65px
  • 100% Movement Speed
  • 1 Resource Per Hit (5 for Gold)
  • Weakest PvP Weapon In the Game
  • Weapon for Collecting Resources


Hand Axe

  • Age 2 Weapon Choice
  • 30 Melee Damage
  • 0.4s Attack Speed
  • Range 70px
  • 100% Movement Speed
  • 2 Resource Per Hit (6 for Gold)
  • Higher Ranged Weapon For Gathering
  • Capable of Double/Triple Bush Farmng
  • Weaker PvP Weapon


Short Sword

  • Age 2 Weapon Choice
  • 35 Melee Damage
  • 0.3s Attack Speed
  • Range 110px
  • 85% Movement Speed
  • 4 Resources Per Hit (4 For Gold)
  • Very Strong PvP Weapon
  • Great Range & Attack Speed
  • Simple to Use


Pole Arm

  • Age 2 weapon Choice
  • 45 Melee Damage
  • 0.7s Attack Speed
  • Range 142px
  • 82% Movement Speed
  • 1 Resource Per Hit (5 For Gold)
  • Weakest Gathering Weapon
  • Very Strong PvP Weapon because of high Range
  • Hard to use, requires good timing



  • Age 2 Weapon Choice
  • 20 Melee Damage
  • 0.3s Attack Speed
  • Range 110px
  • 100% Movement Speed
  • 1 Resource Per Hit (5 For Gold)
  • Weaker PvP Weapon, but has strong utility for knocking back foes
  • Best Weapon for getting away from tribes/ strong solos
  • Chain Autoattacks into traps



  • Age 2 Weapon Choice
  • 20 Melee Damage
  • 0.1 Attack Speed
  • Range 65px
  • 113% Movement Speed
  • Range 65px
  • 1 Resource Per Hit (5 For Gold)
  • Strong against farmer builds
  • Fastest Attack Speed Weapon, useful with many items in Gold Shop
  • Scare enemies very easily
  • Great Weapon for Gathering & Very Strong PvP Weapon



  • Age 2 Weapon Choice
  • 1 Melee Damage
  • 0.4s Attack Speed
  • Range 70px
  • 100% Movement Speed
  • Range 70px
  • 7 Resource Per Hit (11 For Gold)
  • Best Gathering Weapon in the game
  • Weakest PvP Weapon in the game Structures

Structures are simply items that players can place into the world of MooMooio.

Every strucutre has its own function, some are good for defensive, pvp, hunting etc. Every structure is useful! Some structures may seem weaker than others, but it will depend on what build you are following. The best player can use different structures in every situation. For example the best players like CorruptX use boost pads during combat to quickly close the gap and eliminate you.

Heres a list of every structure in Moomoo io.


Castle Wall

  • Obviously great for defending a village to keep enemy invaders out
  • Can also be used to Trap Mobs like Bulls and even MOOSTAFA!
  • Can also trap enemy players into a maze
  • Beware of its high stone cost, save your stone!



  • Great for defending villages
  • Can be used during a PvP fight as each player can place two turrets
  • Can be used to help with extra damage killing mobs
  • Very high stone and wood cost
  • destroying turrets help upgrade weapons quickly to gold, diamond, and even ruby!

moomoo-io-teleporter Teleporter

  • If used during PvP, players will think you are crazy!
  • Best item to escape any situation!
  • Randomly teleporting around the map is actually kind of dangerous, beware!
  • The teleporter also works on any mobs

The list of structures include Pit Trap, Windmill, Turret, Castle Wall, Spawn Pad, & Boost Pad. The primary structure you will see is the windmill because it generates gold every second which is the primary resource in the game. Resources

Resources allow you advance throughout the game. The reason players attack you is because when you die you drop resources! Food is used primarily to heal players which incleade Cookies, Apples, & Cheese, use these health items cautiously as you do not want to be attacked while healing. You can easily acquire food around the map by harvesting food bushes, or even Cacti. Different food heal for different Amounts. Gold is the best resource in MooMoo. Earning lots of gold places you high on the leaderboard. You can use gold to purchase items in the store such as Hats or even some Accessories. However, once you die... you will lose all of it! Wood serves as ammunition for your weapons(ranged) and you are also able to build structures with wood & stone. You can obtain wood by simply chopping trees which are located abundantly throughout the map. Stone the stronger resource for building structures such as Castle Wall or even a stone mine. Mobs

Mobs are simply animals in the world of Moomooio. There are many different types of animals with different attributes and behavior. Some will attack you if you are within range, while some are passive like cows. Different weapons are specialized to hunt certain kinds of mobs, so choose your weapon sparingly. The reason why you would want to hunt certain kinds of mobs is because some mobs drop better gear than their lower level counterparts. Biomes

Biomes are different kinds of terrain players can explore.

Different Biomes such as Plains, Desert, Snow, & River possess some resources more than others. Some biomes are more suited for combat and others for advance farming or monster hunting.

Use Biomes as leverage during different stages of your gameplay to optimize your gameplay.

Terrain such as snow even slows down player movement which can quickly cripple your gameplay. Different Biomes also include different Mobs so make sure to explore the entire world to see what your up against.

The Plain biome is perhaps the best for gathering resources, you will often find many natural bushes for double & triple farming

The Snow biome is best for building a base because enemys are forced to buy winter gear to move properly. It is also easy to set up your windmills in the Snow and gather in the Plains.

The River biome is the most hated, mobs can easily be farmed in the River biome, and even players without the necessary gear are often slowed down enough for an easy kill, even if they have stronger gear

The Desert biome is usually where the strongest players are because mobs like MOOSTAFA can be farmed. You will often see players building saplings or mines to farm resources because they are so scarce.


All these builds can get even more advanced if you play with a few friends or even join a tribe. Try to experiment these builds in different biomes, and see what gets you the farthest! Gold Farmer Build

Yep, if you are anything like me you probably like to avoid combat until you feel like you are ready. The gold farmer build consists of collecting gold aggressively, and building a strong village to defend yourself(or tribe). The Gold Farmer is one of the weakest pvp builds in the game... but it is probably the best build to farm equipment in the gold shop. In otherwords, you might use the gold farmer build to buy pvp equips, and switch into a pvp build after death when you age gets reset.

Age Item
2 Stick
3 Stone Wall
4 Pit Trap
5 Faster Windmill
6 Wooden Shield
7 Castle Wall
8 Power Mill
9 Spawn Pad

The trick to the Farmer Build is the primary weapon you choose at Age 2. At* Age 1* everyone starts with a tool hammer, so just press E to autoattack the nearest bush around you and rush to Age 2. You now have a choice to pick your primary weapon... pick the Stick

Okay that sounds like a weak weapon, but it allows you to farm 7 rss/h( 7 resources a hit)! This means the stick is a great pick for farming. Ok, you want to keep autofarming and build your windmills asap! Windmills generate gold per second which will alow you buy the good gear. After your windmills, you can start building wood walls to defend yourself.

I find the plains the best biome for farming at early Ages, but if you do not want to travel(risky) then just stay put, but make sure you build wood or stone walls! Sometimes a wolf just randomly appears, and you will get focused on, but a wall can protect you while you autofarm.


You can literally just build your walls and encamp yourself while you reach Age 10+, but you are going to need a great spot to farm. Players are usually in the middle of the map, so I would recommend you find a farming spot on the edges of the map preferabbly in the plain, so you can be left alone. Ideally, you are going to want a stone mine and a wood bush in range.

The first item you should buy is the monkey tail . The monkey tail allows you increase your movement speed, so no enemys can chase you... yep you are the dude that people want to kill but can't. The monkey tails will keep you alive so you dont lose your resources. Now Save up gold for the windmill hat which will give you extra gold per second.

The Farmer build allows you to acquire massive amounts of gold to buy items in the shop such as the windmill hat and even pvp gear. So if you were to die, you would still be able to use the expensive equips you purchased.

Moomoo. io Monster Hunter Build

The monster hunter build likes to travel around the map looking for mobs to rapidly level their age and acquire gold. It is a harder build to follow because monsters are quite aggro, and you need good kiting skills to kill some of the mobs.

Age Item
2 Axe
3 Cookie
4 Pit Trap
5 Greater Spikes
6 Hunting Bow
7 Teleporter
8 Crossbow
9 Repeater Crossbow

It's possible to jump to Age 2 if you use your tool hammer in order to kite a wolf, but you can just autofarm if you like. Rush age 2, and pick the axe. The reason we want the axe is because we will need massive amounts of wood to shoot arrows later on when we get our crossbow.

You should be able to farm some wolves with the tool hammer, until you reach Age 6 where you finally unlock the hunting bow and the real fun begins. Between Age 2 & 6, you can start chopping wood and use your cookies to heal up. The monster hunter does not need to build any windmills because you can kill mobs which drop gold.

Once you have the bow you can farm mobs in the river by baiting them in and kiting them. Although this is a monster hunting build, the bow is an amazing pvp weapon you can use if foes are messing with you. Another little build is hunting wolves or even players with the bow in Winter gear. Winter gear allows you to move normally in the snow biome so any players that dont have the gear on, are easy targets for you! You can easily snipe them downm while they try to dodge your projectiles.

Like the gold farmer build, we want that extra movement speed with the monkey tail so we can kite monsters and players better, then save up another 3,000 gold for a marksman cap! The marksman cap increases range and the attack speed of your bow. When you get the cap, you can start killing bully mobs as they drop good gold. Sometime mobs will have aggro on somebody else running away or sometimes they are just stuck. That is a great oppurtunity to hunt them down. Mob List

Name Behavior Health Gold Food
Wolf Hostile 350 500 200
Cow Passive 500 150 50
Bully Hostile 2800 2000 400
Pig Passive 800 200 80
MOOSTAFA Hostile 18000 8000 100

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